Shakespeare, Bacon, America's Foundations & the Secret World of Renaissance Mystery Traditions

Shakespeare and the English RenaissanceGo beyond the Shakespeare authorship controversy with Peter Dawkins. Who wrote Shakespeare's plays? is only the beginning.

With a greater understanding of Francis Bacon's Great Instauration project, you see how the Shakespeare plays advanced the Baconian plans for an English Renaissance.

Peter Dawkins, England's world-renowned author, traveled to Bozeman and Paradise Valley, Montana, July 2010 and gave several lectures and a three day summer school seminar on the Shakespeare plays and the people who made up Francis Bacon's "pens".

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Peter Dawkins Interview

Listen to an interview with Peter Dawkins on Blog Talk Radio on Francis Bacon and Shakespeare.

Sir Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon

Doubt About Will?

Part of the great mystery of "William Shakespeare" is the lack of evidence from the Elizabethan era pointing to the person Will Shakspere as the author.

Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and many famous poets, lawyers and actors have doubted that Shaksper (the actor) was Shakespeare (the author).

Enjoy this website and other websites it links to. Study the available facts and decide for yourself: who wrote Shakespeare...and why?

Up-front bias: OK, this website is pro Francis Bacon and his "good pens". However, don't take our esteemed and highly regarded word for it - join in researching one of the most interesting, captivating and challenging detective stories of all Time.